original poetry by morgan



He's driving me insane

Bleeding out my eyes

Sleeping all day

But living in the sky


He’s driving me insane

Messing with my brain

Not only am I sad,

Oh so sick too

He’s giving me the flu


He’s driving me insane

Kills me from the core

Makes me want him even more

He takes my breath away

Try not to show a tear

Purport a smile

But live in fear


He’s driving me insane

Not saying how he feels

Yet it’s a pleasant sting

My soul begins to peel

Addicted to how it feels


He’s driving me insane

The yearn for love

I will not gain





He’s driven me Insane

How do I balance this scale?

Need to make him feel my pain

An eye for an eye,

Or a heart for a life

I took his breath away just like he stole mine.





The Test



The Test

Slightly wet palms

Her hands drip

From fallen tears or anxious sweat?

Sitting alone on the edge of her bed

Her body shakes, trembles

Yet she remains still

Searches for her breath

Bent over her knees

Head resting on her tightly clenched fists

Eyes pinched so tight the tears cant break the seal


She opens her eyes to stare down

Regret, embarrassment, and fear

Drip to the ground

Drip to a puddle

Drip to the test


The test, the test

The only test she passed this year

The only test she wished she had failed

The most painful, challenging, expensive test

Yet it was so easy to pass



Only exercising one muscle

Her eyes

Can’t even shake, tremble, or think

Forever frozen


The rest of her life dependent on

One night

One guy

One, two, maybe three drinks

One kiss

One mistake

One Test.

morgan fellows